(8+2Pack)Magic Eraser HUNTINGOOD Original cleaning sponge-Extra large,3X Thicker & 2X Extra High Density Cleaning pads,Odorless,high polymer clean magic sponge

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  • SKU: HGME81018102MP8
  • Price: 16.99$

  • ❤ NOTE!!!--HUNTINGOOD is an original brand in New York. Please note the Name of the Store when purchasing.

  • ❤WHAT IS MAGIC ERASER?-Clean stubborn stain like magic!-It‘s a new kind of cleaning sponge. It takes just a little bit clean water to clean stubborn dirt on almost all smooth hard surface and all kinds of items at your home. As cleaning pads, it is super effective, handy and safe.

  • ❤WHERE TO USE?-Ceramics,Appliances,Office equipment Leather goods,Glass products,Plastic products,Hardware products,etc. More adapting surfaces waiting for you to explore.

  • ❤HOW TO USE?-Soak,Squeeze,Erase,Clean.

  • ❤QUALITY-Extra Durable,2X Thick,2X Extra High Density,-Non Toxic material,Odorless&no hazardous residual,Safe to human body.

❤ABOUT US-HUNTINGOOD is a brand formed in ALBANY NEW YORK. We are aiming to hunt good quality product at good price for Americans. Please email us if you have any problem.Sincerely hope that we can bring you joyful shopping experiences! --The HG Team .

❤Why is it SUPER IMPORTANT to CHOOSE HIGH QUALITY Magic Eraser?Because high quality magic eraser is safe to human body.Why Huntingood magic eraser is safe to human body and the environment?-Huntingood adopts world-class manufacturers which produce high-quality magic eraser, adopts improved foaming process, compression process and matured de-formaldehyde process. These producing processes make high density, odorless,no hazardous residual, good flexibility, wear resistance and durable, powerful cleaning and safe magic eraser.

❤PRODUCT FEATURE -Non Toxic material-Odorless& no hazardous residual or chemical odor,Safe to human body -Extra Durable-2X Thicker,2X Extra High Density HUNTINGOOD Magic Eraser,cleaning pad is 2X Thick,EXTRA DURABLE than most products on the market. Its made from eco-friendly materials consisting of special microfibers and particles, which are tougher and harder to tear than 90% of the products on the market. 

❤WHERE TO USE? 1.Ceramics,Appliances,Office equipment,Leather goods,Glass products,Plastic products.

❤NOTE-The cleaning sponge is a consumable item.The product volume will gradually become smaller as a result of the wear and tear during use.

Name of product: Magic Eraser

Model: HGME81018102MP8

44.33*2.75*1.57 in,8 ct